Managing your Pictures Galleries has never been so easy!

jSuperGallery is everything you need to efficiently manage your galleries.

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Remarkable All-In-One Gallery Manager for Joomla

Managing pictures and photo galleries has never been so easy

jSuperGallery BackEnd

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Discover below how your galleries are rendered at screen. All views are responsive and mobile ready!

  • Joomla Gallery - Polaroid Gallery
  • Joomla Gallery - Paginated Thumbnails
  • Animated Grid
  • Joomla Gallery - Card Like
  • Joomla Gallery - Flipping Book
  • Joomla Gallery - Vertical Time line
  • Joomla Gallery - Stack Slider

Intuitive and ready-to-use

Get started in minutes, click the install sample data button and display your galleries.

responsive gallery


jSuperGallery is fully responsive. No matter the device it is rendered on, it displays nicely.


Your Gallery stays a gallery, no matter the way it is displayed. In other words, you change display in one click. That's it.

Numerous Layouts

jSuperGallery comes with seven different layouts. Scattered Polaroid Gallery, stack slider, paginated thumbnails, vertical timeline, ...

Highly configurable

Many effects are available for each layout. Each component view is also available as a module.

Access Control

Manage what users can do by assigning them specific authorizations. Stress free

Easy to use

Thanks to our unified backend interface, you easily create your galleries, put items in it.

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